Frequent questions
What does the check in / check out service include?
A member of the Serve B & B Team will receive guests upon their arrival at the accommodation and will give them a gift of Serve B & B, will provide them with tourist information of the city and will answer all the questions that may arise.

Also, prior to the arrival of the guests, a member of the Serve B & B Team will check that the accommodation has the essential elements of habitability (such as hand soap, shower gel or toilet paper) and will provide those missing items .

At the end of the stay, the Serve B & B Team will make sure that the guests' stay has been satisfactory and will wish them a happy trip back home.

For the service check in / check out be as comfortable as possible for the guests, the owner will provide the Serve B & B Team with the contact details of the guests for direct communication between the Serve B & B Team and the guest and that they can directly agree the schedules of entry and exit and have contact in case any incident occurs.

What does the cleaning service include?
This service will be provided after the stay of the guests and includes the cleaning of the stays of the used accommodation, the removal of the rubbish and the arrangement of the beds so that the accommodation is in perfect conditions to attend the entrance of some new guests immediately .
What does the Bedclothes and Towels service include?
This service serves so that you can forget about managing the sheets and towels that you must make available to the guests. Serve B & B will take care of purchasing all the necessary items (sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, etc.) on your behalf and of your washing and ironing after each stay, so that guests can enjoy some first quality items always in the best hygiene conditions.
What does the Maintenance service include?
The Maintenance service includes tasks that do not require the intervention of professionals external to the Serve B & B Team, such as: (i) the purchase and replacement of bulbs; (ii) checking the proper functioning of the electrical appliances of the housing and the plugs; and (iii) the location of frames or other decorative wall elements that do not require the use of electric tools. Also, if the Serve B & B team detects that the accommodation requires a task that, due to its complexity, must be done by an external professional, we will take care of finding the best professionals to solve the immediate problem without wasting time on the owners of the accommodation.
What does the Occupation Management service include?
In Occupation Management, in addition to the services of check in / check out, Cleaning, Washing of the Bedding and Towels that we have detailed previously, Serve B & B will also take care of all the management of the on-line platforms and find the perfect guests for your accommodation. Among other services, Serve B & B (i) will locate photos and information of the Accommodation in the web pages or portals that it deems appropriate in order to locate potential guests; (ii) conduct communications with potential Guests to provide information about the Accommodation and resolve issues that may arise during the reservation process; (iii) analyze and select suitable guests for lodging; and (iv) will send monthly the rating granted by the web platforms to the accommodation.
Who is the Occupational Management service of my tourist home?
The Occupation Management service is designed for those homeowners who already rent them through platforms such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Wimdu, Hometogo, etc. or they are accustomed to the traditional rent (for long periods) but they want to obtain the advantages of the holiday rental. The service is designed for those owners who do not have time to do so, live far from the location of the tourist housing or simply prefer to devote their free time to other issues.
What does the Cestas service include?
This service seeks to provide an added value to the stay of guests in the accommodation through the offer of a set of baskets with various products that can be purchased by guests if they wish.

The baskets vary according to the city in which the accommodation is located and can be consulted in the Services tab of the web.

What does the Design and Interior Design service include?
This service is suitable for those accommodations that require a reform to achieve the necessary conditions to obtain good profitability. In Serve B & B we have the most qualified professionals in design and decoration who will analyze the accommodation, detect those points of improvement, make a proposal according to the needs of the owners and help you in the control and implementation of the works. With this service, it will only be necessary to choose those proposals that you like the most. The Serve B & B Team will take care of the rest of the issues so that your accommodation is one of the favorites of the guests.
What does the Professional Photography service include?
The photographs of the accommodation that are included in the platforms are the biggest claim of the accommodation to attract guests. Our team of specialized photographers will prepare a photo dossier of the accommodation in electronic format so you can use it for everything you want. In addition, the team of Serve B & B will make the appropriate aesthetic recommendations to obtain those photographs that most take out the accommodation.
What does the Full Service include?
The Complete Service includes all the services offered by Serve B & B (check in / check out, Cleaning, Bedding and Towels, Maintenance, Occupation Management, Baskets, Design and Interior Design and Professional Photography).
Can I contract with Serve B & B a punctual service or do I have to delegate the complete management of my tourist home?
You can hire any of the services offered by Serve B & B in a timely manner (check in / check out, cleaning, bedding and towels, maintenance, photographs, etc.) to check how we take care of every detail of the service or, simply, because on a specific occasion you can not take charge of yourself.
I do not know whether to hire a specific service, the Occupation Management or the Complete Management, what is better for my situation?
The services each landlord needs depend on their own circumstances.

The punctual services are suitable for specific moments in which you can not be responsible for delivering some keys in a few days especially complicated for you or you prefer that someone is responsible for cleaning after a stay a little longer than normal, etc.

If you want Serve B & B to take care of the basic activities of the holiday rental (promote your accommodation in the networks, deliver it and pick it up and clean it between deliveries) you should hire the Occupation Management. Also, if you need it, you can add any timely service that you consider appropriate.

If you want Serve B & B to take care of everything and prepare tourist accommodation for optimal performance, your service is Complete Management.

Currently, I manage my tourist home through an Airbnb profile, could Serve B & B start doing it?
Of course. If you have a profile on Airbnb and you hire Occupation Management or Complete Management, Serve B & B will co-host your accommodation. In this way, although Serve B & B is responsible for managing the accommodation, you will keep your profile, you can access it and through the web portal tool you will directly receive the amount of the rent in your current account. It's simpler and without intermediaries.
Currently, I manage my tourist home through an Airbnb profile, could Serve B & B start doing it?
Of course. If you have a profile on Airbnb and you hire Occupation Management or Complete Management, Serve B & B will co-host your accommodation. In this way, although Serve B & B is responsible for managing the accommodation, you will keep your profile, you can access it and through the web portal tool you will directly receive the amount of the rent in your current account. It's simpler and without intermediaries.
And if I do not have an Airbnb profile, how can I contract the services of Serve B & B?
In that case, we will ask you for the necessary data to create an Airbnb profile. We will use it just so you can co-host with Serve B & B and get all the advantages of this system.
What if I work with other web portals other than Airbnb?
Do not worry. In Serve B & B we work with dozens of web portals to optimize the promotion of your accommodation. Depending on the options of each of these portals, we will use the co-host system (or similar) or else we will promote the accommodation through our own profile.
Is there a kind of permanency fee?
The Occupation Management service has a minimum duration of one month so that we can show you what we are capable of doing and because to do a good job it is necessary to plan deliveries and collections.
How does Serve B & B help me get the most out of my home?
Serve B & B takes into account numerous variables when it comes to setting the rental price of your home (number of visits to the area, season, events, price of the competition, etc.). We make a precise follow-up of the price to modify it depending on those variables.
Is there any risk of guests damaging my home?
In Serve B & B we take the selection of the guests very seriously to avoid that the accommodation suffers any type of damage and that the profile of the guests is the most appropriate with the accommodation. For this reason, we always contact the guests before accepting the reservation and we ask them for the information we consider necessary. Finally, we always review the comments that previous hosts have made about guests to rule out those that have generated a problem in the past.
How can I cover any type of damage or theft that the accommodation may suffer?
Quiet, as we indicate you in detail in the Guarantees tab, the platforms have a specific insurance to claim the damages caused by this type of situations. In addition, the Serve B & B Team has top-notch lawyers who will help you with all the claims procedures.
Is the state of the accommodation periodically verified?
Of course! The Serve B & B Team makes an exhaustive review of the state of the accommodation at the end of each stay.
Will I receive information from guests after each stay?
Yes. After each stay we value the guests on the platforms for your greatest satisfaction and we also inform you about how the stay has gone.
How do I contact Serve B & B?
You can contact us through an email to or by calling 655 634 380.
How do I contract a service?
The services are requested by sending an email to in which you will have to express us what service you want and your contact telephone number. The Serve B & B Team will contact you to define the service sheet and answer your questions.

The first time you sign up for our service you will have to sign the service sheet that will serve your entire relationship with Serve B & B. Subsequently, just send us by email for your facility.

How do I hand over the keys to the Serve B & B Team?
A member of the Serve B & B team will travel to the agreed place to receive the keys for the service. Depending on the type of service you hire, we will need a maximum of three sets of keys.
Does Serve B & B stay with the keys to my accommodation?
It's up to you. If you have only hired us for a specific service, Serve B & B will return the keys in hand or by certified mail as soon as the service is finished.

If Serve B & B is going to offer you services on a recurring basis, we will be able to guard your key and you will have the peace of mind that it is in professional and trustworthy hands.

How do I make changes to a service already contracted?
To make any modification of a service already requested and accepted, send us an email to or call us at 655 634 380 48 hours in advance.
In what cities do you operate?
Serve B & B is characterized by providing a quality service through local people. For that reason, we only provide services in those places where we have such a team.

Check the web areas where we operate today and, in any case, do not hesitate to contact us. Although we do not operate for the moment in your area, we will do everything possible to help you.

How do payments work?
In the contracting of specific services, Serve B & B will issue and send by email an invoice to the owner of the house at the end of the service. In case several successive specific services have been contracted, the invoice will be issued and sent when the different successive services end and, in any case, at the end of the month. In case it is a punctual but continuous service, it will be sent at the end of the month.

In Occupancy Management and Complete Management, if the web platform through which you have contracted allows the co-hosting system, Serve B & B will receive your rate at the same time that the owner receives the bulk of the rent. In case the platform does not allow this option, Serve B & B will receive the lease amount from the web platform and transfer it to the owner once their rate has been deducted at the end of the month.

Do your rates include indirect taxes (VAT or IGIC)?
All rates shown on the website do not include indirect taxes (VAT or IGIC)
Where can I see my invoices?
In Occupancy Management and Complete Management, clients will receive, at the end of the month, the invoice by email and a report on the activity of their accommodation.

Additionally, you can ask us for a duplicate of any invoice that may have been lost through an email to

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