We like to divide into two phases our services: the start-up and the operation phase itself.

The first phase usually ranges from a possible collaborator is interested in our services to the day you receive the first reservation. During this period our services can be summarized in the following:

 Information: Each case is a world, so first we listen to the story of the interested and we discover if we can help or not. If so, we explain our operation and we answer all the doubts of the possible collaborator.


▷ DistributionSometimes small changes can be made in the distribution of beds, for example, to improve the service.

▷ Decoration: if the client requires it, he can be advised. For example, wallpaping or hanging a couple of original paintings can completely change the perception of the home for the guest.

▷ Equipment: it explains what can not be missing in a holiday rental house: hairdryer, iron, drying rack, coffee machine ...

 Licenses and other regulations: We explain everything necessary to enforce the law and contact specialists in obtaining permits. In this sense, we work in close collaboration with the architecture studio AMMPLIO

Ammplio is a team of architects based in Madrid, specializing in the care of individuals and with extensive travel in the sector of housing for tourist use. The vast majority of our owners have trusted them and are very happy as they are a guarantee to put your tourist home on track.

 Ad preparation

▷ Photos: they are very important for a good positioning, so we offer a professional photographer at our cost

▷ Descriptions: again, the better the advertisement describes the house and its surroundings, the better it is positioned and therefore the more demand it will attract. Our marketing and content experts carry out this work.

Once the announcement is ready and everything is ready to receive reservations, we enter the phase of operation where we offer a turnkey service so that the owner does not have to worry about anything.

✅ Ad Marketing: It is one of the great advantages of working with Servebnb. Thanks to our channel manager, we can announce the housing in the most important platforms of the moment, achieving a greater reach and therefore, a greater occupation.

✅ Price optimization: In the same way, thanks to the software for the calculation of prices that we use, we can optimize the price per night of the house to achieve a maximum of income.

✅ Communication with guests: It is one of the most tedious parts of the service, as you must be attentive 24/7, both when receiving reservations and to attend to unforeseen events. With a systematized process set in motion, our guests are informed and cared for from the minute they reserve until they leave.

✅ Cleaning: one of the most important parts of our work, because when a guest comes home he needs to know that he has been cleaned after the last reservation, changed the sheets, towels, etc.

✅ Welcome or check-in: It is one of the reasons why the owners associate with us. A check-in can last half an hour ... or you can be waiting for the guest to arrive from Argentina for three hours ... We also take care of this. In addition to explaining all the details of the house, we give information about the city and answer all the questions of the guests.

✅ Maintenance: If something breaks, we fix it. Showers, faucets, boilers, floors ...

✅ Supervision: and in general we supervise each time there is an exit to verify that everything is in order and inform in case it is not.

✅ Post trip tracking: Comments are one of the most important part to position the ads. That's why we make an extra effort to get those comments by following up once the guest has continued to receive feedback and ask for that reward.

Once you have read this, you may want to know more or have any questions, you can write to us through our contact page. We will be delighted! 😄

Serve B&B Team 🏡

New times, new services.