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¿Por qué no se alquila mi apartamento?

Why isn't my apartment for rent?

Why isn't my apartment for rent? For months you have published the ad on a Marketplace platform. Your "Rent" sign still appears at the entrance of your property. And even though you have improved the price, you still cannot get ...

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Cómo tener una buena gestión de tu vivienda

How to have a good management of your home

How to have a good management of your home Due to the crisis, many homeowners or apartment owners decide to offer them for rent to obtain an extra income. However, there are cases of bad tenants that caused problems, ...

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Cómo proteger tu apartamento de inseguridades

How to protect your apartment from insecurities

Protect your apartment from insecurities Whether you live in a leased apartment or in a home, it is necessary to prevent thieves and prepare for any unforeseen events that could damage your home or put your family at risk. What if...

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Gestión apartamentos turísticos Granada 🏔

Management of tourist apartments Granada 🏔

After having consolidated our operation in Tenerife, Madrid and Malaga, we are very happy to announce that we started offering our services in the impressive city of Granada 🥳🥳 With our management of tourist apartments Granada, the ...

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Gestión de apartamentos turísticos Madrid 🏢

Management of tourist apartments Madrid 🏢

In ServeB & B we are very proud to be able to manage tourist apartments in Madrid, the most visited city in Spain 🇪🇦 The Spanish capital is a city that marvels and has a very wide range of culture, leisure and party ...

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Gestión de apartamentos turísticos Málaga 🏖️

Management of tourist apartments Málaga 🏖️

Today we want to talk about the tourist apartments management offer that we have in the province of Malaga (in addition to the city center, we operate in Torremolinos and Benalmádena, and soon in other parts of the Costa del Sol such as Marbella or ...

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¡Compartamos nuestra felicidad! 🥳

Let's share our happiness! 🥳

We love that you share your opinions about our services and facilities over the networks 🥰 It makes us feel that we are making an effort that meets your needs! 😄 And as we say in our testimonials section, your ...

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Casa Rural en Galicia – Vacaciones de desconexión total

Cottage in Galicia - Total disconnection holiday

This is the first article we wrote about one of our houses in particular. We present our rural house in Galicia! 😄 This home is perfect to rent for four or five days and enjoy a few days of relaxation and disconnection ...

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