Here you can find some of the accommodations we manage in Tenerife. Each one has its own personality. In Serve B&B we help you find it and take advantage of it. If you are interested in booking one of them or know more about them, you can click on the listing button.

"Newport Bay Villa"

"The White Pearl"

"Classic Villa"

"The Cliff House"

"The attic"

"The lighthouse"

"Southern Luxury"

"Santa Cruz Downtown"

The Midpoint

"The Midpoint: Coastal Life Between the Two Beaches"

"Marine & Coastal Lifestyle"

"Island Time: Quietness and relax on the coast"

"Downtown Square"

"The Two Terraces"

"The beach"

"The Laguna Treasure"

"The Terrace of the Duke"

"Panorama Studio"

"Infinity Terrace"

"The Winery"

"Atlantic Sunrise"

"Song of the Sea"

"Vertical Villa"

"The Americas Downtown"

"Puerto Cruz Downtown Studio"

"Tenerife South Shore"

"Close to the sky"

"Dynasty" Southerly Penthouse

"The Heart of La Laguna"

"HomeLys: center of La Laguna"

"Window of the Roque"

"Endless Summer"

"Marine inspiration"

"The last green corner"

"Atlantic Oasis"

"El Médano Yellow Sand"

"The Jewel of the Port"

"Summer Home"

"Anaga Experience"

"The Cozy Corner": first line with sea views "

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 1"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 2"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 3"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 5"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 6"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 7"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 8"

"Apartment La Laguna Deluxe 9"

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